Top 7 Worst Governments In Anime History

2. Britannian Empire

Britannian Empire is the biggest and the strongest power in Code Geass world. This organization as took control over many countries and Japan in one of them. Japan lost its Independence​​ and was given the name “Area 11”. Japanese people were killed, they lost their land, name and were treated very badly.

1. World Government

World Government are the rulers of the One Piece World and the people who are at the top of this Organization are the Gorosei ” 5 Elder Stars”. This organization was formed 800 years ago. They are the puppets of the Celestial Dragons and they ignore every single things that they do the people. They also kill anyone whoever tries to learn secrets about the Void Century. Moreover, they will do anything to show the people their greatness.

That concludes my list. Please leave your views below in the comments section.

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