Top 7 Worst Governments In Anime History

5. Amestris

Amestris is the government from the anime Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. It is ruled by King Bradley and this government is the reason behind the war of Ishvalan. The ruler of this government is one of the 7 Homunculus who wanted to create a philosopher’s stone. They brutally killed most of their people, used alchemists in battle and they even killed the people who surrendered to them. They tried to do the same thing to Amestris and they didn’t care about the lives of the people, they only wanted to achieve their goals no matter what.

4. The Empire

The Empire is one of the worst anime government and is from the anime Akame ga KILL!. This place is filled with corruption, injustice and poverty and the ruler of this government is Honest. He didn’t get punished of the things he did because the officials within government ranks who tried to do the right thing were assassinated by him.
3. The Kingdom of Balbadd

The Kingdom of Balbadd is a capital city which is surrounded by slums and this is from the anime Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic. This nation suffered a heavy decline with the emergence of a criminal organisation operating from the slums, the Fog Troupe. This country had an economic crisis and it was because of the Alibaba’s corrupt brother, Ahmad

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