Top 7 Coolest Cyborgs In The History of Anime


5. Jeremiah Gottwald

Jeremiah Gottwald was a knight in Britannian Empire from Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch R2. He had a normal human body in the first season of Code Geass, but in the second season, he came back as a cyborg. It gave him an edge in battles, and most of all he, possessed the power that nullified all geass near him, which is called the “Geass Canceller”.

4. Max

Max “The Major” Montana is the leader of the organization known as Millennium from the anime Hellsing Ultimate. He was turned into a cyborg by a Doctor when he was about to die. He then became Immortal, and most of his insides were changed. However, he still had his own will, senses and emotions.
3. Genos
Genos, also known as “Demon Cyborg”, is an S class superhero from the anime One Punch Man. His body is designed for battle purposes. Genos can move at a very high speeds, and has an arsanal of weapons in his body. His power, and strength is very high. Moreover, he can also modify his body, which makes him even more powerful.

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