8 Anime Schools We All Wish Were Real


6. National Magic University First Affiliate High School

Want to learn some magic? Well the National Magic University First Affiliate High School is the perfect one. I’m sure many of you want to try your hand at magic and spells.
5. Youkai Academy

Youkai Academy is from the anime Rosario to Vampire. It is a place for monsters, where you get to tame the monster inside you.
4. Hachimitsu Private Academy

Hachimitsu Private Academy is from Prison School. It is an all-girls academy that is accepting boys for admission. Only a few will actually make it to the school. But I’m sure most of you are up for it (no pun intended).
3. Holy Forest Academy

This one is from Great Teacher Onizuka. Here you’ll be taught by one of the best anime teachers ever. Sure, his ways don’t seem too good, but he has unique ways to help his students and he always does what’s best for them.

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