Did Hanzo Defeat The Legendary Sannin At Their Prime?

Let’s begin with analyzing the legendary Sannin. First, let’s start with Tsunade. Tsunade is only female member of the legendary Sannin. Tsunade has the thousands of healing, which allows her to battle non-stop for long periods.

She became a Kage and proved how strong she really is. Moving on to Orochimaru next. Orochimaru is the arguably the strongest member of the Sannin.
He is immortal and cannot be killed as we found out in the series. But, Orochimaru wasn’t immortal around that time. Orochimaru defected from the village sometime during the Third Great Ninja War. So, he wasn’t immortal during that time. Also he didn’t know about the reanimation jutsu so Orochimaru wasn’t at his prime.
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