Top 8 Most Beautiful Anime Girls With An Eye Patch


6. Yagyuu-

Yagyuu is from the anime Senran Kagura. She has beautiful long, white hair. Yagyuu is known to be a very strong kunoichi. The eye patch only adds to her hot looks. Yagyuu is a girl who packs a punch in both the departments.
5. Arashi Nikaidou-

Arashi Nikaidou from Oniichan dakedo AiSae Areba Kankeinai yo ne! is next on the list. She is also known as “The Predator”. This nickname is given to her because of her sexually aggressive nature. Arashi has red hair which she wears in a ponytail. She is also the President of the Student Council.

4. Sofia Valmer-

Sofia is from the anime Jormungand. Sofia lost her eye in an attack. Sofia’s figure would put anyone to shame. She has an incredibly athletic body. Sofia is very skilled with knives. In Sofia’s case the eye patch definite makes her look even hotter.
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