Top 8 Most Beautiful Anime Girls With An Eye Patch


Hey everyone! This list is about the most beautiful girls with an Eye Patch in anime. Now there are a lot of them, so I had to make a hard decision in choosing but remember that this is just my own opinion. So let’s begin.
8. Chihiro Shindou-
We begin the list with Chihiro from ef: A Tale of Memories. She suffers from a severe case of amnesia. Chihiro can’t even remember what happened in the last thirteen hours. She lost her left eye in an accident. She loves reading novels and writing her diary.

7. Gisen Yagyuu-

Gisen is from the anime Hyakka Ryouran: Samurai Girls. She is a mysterious character and her entry took everyone by surprise. Gisen is a very good samurai. Adding to her fighting skills, she has amazing looks that’ll surely make you fall in love with her. Gisen has a secret power under her eye patch.
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