Top 7 Anime Death Gods

3. Maka Albarn-
She is a shinigami in training. Maka trains with her special, which is known as Soul Eater. Maka is in pursuit of evil souls and a witch so she can reaper. Throughout the series, Maka acquires new powers that help her in her journey. Some of these powers help her to detect the power of souls. Also, she can even negate negative effects of magic on herself.

2. Ryuk-
Next on the list is our favourite death god, Ryuk. Ryuk dropped the death note in the human world and saw how Light and the others used it to kill other people for fun. He’s not a serious God but, he’ll surely kill anyone when their time comes. Maybe you could get away by giving him a juicy apple.
1. Kurosagi Ichigo- Death Gods
Ichigo initially becomes a death god after he takes on Rukia’s powers to save himself and his family. His power as a reaper increases greatly as he learns to control his powers. Ichigo controls​ his Hollow spirit, unleashing the full power of his Fullbringer.
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