Top 7 Anime Death Gods

6. Meroko Yui-
Meroko is from the anime Full Moon o Sagashite. Meroko gets jealous because of carrying this trait from her previous life as a human. She can collect souls of the dying and also has strangely the ability to transform into a stuffed rabbit.

5. Asato and Hisoka-
Asato and Hisoka are partners in a detective agency run by death gods. They investigate crimes, trying to maintain order among the undead. Both of try to solve a conspiracy within the underworld. Asato has the ability to summon spirit animals to help him in cases.
4. Rem-
Rem is a death god from Death Note. She was the compatriot of Amane Misa. Rem knew almost every secret about the shinigami world. Also, she was one of the few shinigami who knew how to kill a Death God.
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