7 Amazing Anime Assassins You Can’t Hide From!


5. Kurome-

She is from the anime Akame Ga Kill. Most of us would mistake her for a cute girl who screams at the very sight of blood. But, Kurome is actually the second strongest member of Esdeath’s force. Kurome can kill hundreds of people in an instant and make them her undead servants.
4. Duke Togo-

Next on the list is feared Duke Togo. He is a very mysterious man, who will complete any mission that he takes. Togo has worked for and against the government. The most astonishing thing about him is that he has never failed any contract that he has taken.

3. Akame-

Akame is a member of Night Raid, which is a group of assassins. They plot to rebel against the evil Prime minister and the King. Akame is a very skilled assassin, who can kill anyone who stands between her and her goal. Akame was able to defeat Esdeath, who was considered to be super powerful.

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