Will Hodor Return As A Wight in Game of Thrones Season 7?


Hodor had come a long way for a simpleton in Game of Thrones. He was at Bran’s constant beck and call, and he has even saved him trouble several times. Hodor has even gone North of the Wall, and as you know that didn’t really end very well.
Back in Season 6, due to Bran’s stupid mistake, the Night’s King finally made contact with Bran, which led to the place of the Three Eyed King being discovered. Not only that, it also meant the magic protecting them from the Wights and the White Walkers was no longer in effect.

As the group made their escape, it was Brynden Rivers ( The Three Eyed King), The children of the Forest, and Hodor, who laid their lives down for Bran to survive.

Seeing Hodor die was very painful for many fans, but there’s always a chance of a return in Game of Thrones. Obviously, Hodor isn’t considered Azor Ahai reborn, so the Red Woman won’t bring him back anytime soon. But there definitely is another way. Yep. He might turn into a Wight. Rather, he should turn into a Wight. We saw what the Night’s King did at Hardhome. The same should be the case with Hodor and I believe that he will come back as a Wight.

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