Weakest Kage of All Time In Naruto


A Kage is usually a strong personality. However, all the Kage cannot be at the same power level. While some are very strong, others aren’t as strong comparatively. That is not to say that they’re weak. It just means they aren’t as strong as the other Kage. With that in mind, today’s list is about the weakest Kage in Naruto. Note that list is no particular order.
7. Chojuro

Chojuro was the fifth Mizukage of Kirigakure. He wields the Twin Fist sword, and is one of strongest Shinobi of Kirigakure. However, he is very underwhelming when compared to Mei Terumī, or even Yagura for that matter.

6. Rasa
Rasa was the 4th Kazekage of the Sand. Rasa could manipulate Gold Dust, and with this ability, he could supress Shukaku. However, he was easily killed by Orochimaru, and even defeated by Gaara during the 4th Great Ninja War.

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