Top 10 Most Powerful Jinchuuriki in Naruto


Naruto has many powerful Jinchuuriki who can tap into the limitless powers of the Tailed Beast. Tday, I’ve made a list of the most powerful Jinchuuriki in Naruto that we’ve seen.
10. Han

Han was the Jinchuuriki of the Five Tails, Kokuo. He was a user of the Boil Release Kekkei Genkai. Han was very strong, and fighting him was extremely difficult. However, he was defeated and his Tailed Beast was sealed by the Akatsuki.
9. Yagura

Yagura was Isobu’s Jinchuuriki. He too was a perfect Jinchuuriki, as mentioned by Danzo. Yagura was made a Jinchuuriki when he was very young, and he even controlled Isobu before he became a Kage, which is very impressive.

8. Killer B

Killer Bee was the first revealed perfect Jinchuuriki in the Naruto series. He became a Jinchuuriki of the Gyuki when he was quite young. He as put through rigorous training by Kumo and that led to him being able to control the beast perfectly.

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