Naruto Characters Who Were Worthy of Becoming Hokage


A Hokage is someone who leads the Konoha village and protects them from any incoming threats. Konoha has seen 7 Hokage so far. But, there were many who were more than capable of obtaining the position. I’ve named 8 of those naruto characters.
8. Jiraiya
Jiraiya was one of the Legendary Sannin of the Leaf. He was a very strong Shinobi, and his skills were great enough to be offered the role of the Hokage atleast twice. If he was alive, he would’ve been offered the role of Sixth Hokage instead of Kakashi, but he would probably refuse it again.

7. Might Guy

Might guy is a very powerful Shinobi. Yes he isn’t too wise, but he’s strong, and he knows how to nurture and protect the next generation. Guy would’ve made a great Hokage.

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