Fastest Naruto Characters Without Teleportation Jutsu


Naruto has a lot of super fast characters. Some of them are even close to lightspeed while other use a hack known as teleportation to even go beyond that. However, how what would the fastest Naruto characters look like without teleportation Jutsu? let’s find out.
10. Shisui Uchiha
Shisui Uchiha was Konoha’s strongest Uchiha of his own generation. He was very powerful, and was renowned for this speed. He was known as Shisui the teleporter, thanks to his Body flicker technique. He could move so fast that he actually created after images of himself.
9. 4th Raikage

The 4th Raikage was always fast. He was known to be the fastest Kumo Shinobi of his era. His speed increased by the usage of Lightning style armor.

8. 3rd Raikage

Similar to the 4th, the 3rd also used the lightning style armor to increase his speed drastically. He was fast enough to avoid a Rasenshuriken from point blank range, and since he was stronger than the 4th Raikage, he ranks ahead of him.

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