Best Kings In The World of Anime


To attain the position of the King means you get a certain level of responsibility, and even power. We’ve had a lot of Kings from different anime, and each of them has ruled in a different manner. Today, I’ve made a list of the Kings which I find are the most interesting in anime.
8. Ken Kaneki

Kaneki Ken is a one eyed ghoul from Tokyo Ghoul. After his defection from the CCG as Haise Sasaki, he begins working for the Ghouls and takes the identity of the “One Eyed King”.

7. Sora

Sora, from No Game no life, gets to become the King of Elchea. He tries his best to bring about peace to the warring factions. His skills as a king were great and he’s definitely going down as one of the best Kings in anime.

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