Top 10 Best Fathers In Anime


Parents have always had a strong role in all the different kinds of anime that we watch. They are full of love, discipline, and sometimes they even come with a lot of wisdom to help the hero of the anime to go further in their adventures. So, today I have made a list of the most loving fathers in anime.
Let’s begin:
Note: This list is Not Ranked.
10. Akio Furukawa

Akio Furukawa, from Clannad, is the father of Nagisa Furukawa. He is strict, talks rough, but actually is a loving father and always does what is best for his family. He is a good father, as well as a good friend.

9. Sojiro Izumi

Sojiro Izumi from Lucky Star is the father of Konata Izumi. Konata’s mother died when she gave birth to her. Konata and her father, Sojiro were the only two living in their house in the Satte-Shi prefecture near Tokyo. Sojiro is the kind of father we all want bacause of having similar interests and easy to talk to.

8. Chiyochichi

Chiyochichi from Azumanga Daioh is the father of Chiyo. He first appears to Sakaki and Osaka in their dreams. Chiyochichi is a strange yellow-orange-colored cat. He is funny, and friendly, and has no problem talking to his daughter.


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