Top 10 Water Style Jutsu Users in Naruto


Water Style is one of the 5 main Nature releases in Naruto. The Jutsu of water style produce water based ninjutsu, which can pierce, or even crash into the targets. Here are the 10 strongest users of the Water Style Jutsu in Naruto.
Note: This list is NOT ranked.
9. Gengetsu Hozuki
Gengetsu Hozuki was the second Mizukage. He was exceptionally talented in water based ninjutsu. He could use the water gun technique, and his proficiency with water style was enough to kill Mu.
8. Yagura

Yagura was the 4th Mizukage. He was the Jinchuuriki of Isobu, and a perfect one at that. Yagura could also use many water style Jutsu, like the water mirror Jutsu which could reflect any attack. Yagura died too young, and passed the title to Mei.

7. Kakashi Hatake

Kakashi, the copy Ninja, has copied over 1000 Jutsu. Naturally, a lot of them are water style as well. Kakashi can create huge dragons and even water torrents out of nowhere. His skills with water style is decent.

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