Strongest Summons in the Naruto Series


Summons are objects, usually animals that are bound to a person using a blood contract (in most cases). They help to fight on behalf of the user, which makes them a very good option to go for in battle. Today, I’ve ranked the strongest summons in Naruto.
Let’s begin:
8. Quintuple Rashomon
Quintuple Rashōmon is a defensive technique summon of Hashirama. With this, he can summon five Rashōmon to protect himself from any incoming attack. Orochimaru also used a similar albeit weaker Jutsu.

7. Manda/Aoda

Manda/Aoda come from the Ryuchi Cave. They’re both pretty similar in feats, but freakishly strong. Manda was feared as one of the strongest from the three way deadlock, and Aoda showed great feats during the 4th Great Ninja War.

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