Anime Characters Who Have the Ability to Manipulate Time


Time manipulation is one of the coolest powers a character could possess. However, due to its Overpowered nature, very few actually do. The usage of time manipulation usually comes at a price, but there are some who feel completely no side effects of manipulating time. Here’s a list of characters who can manipulate time.
Note: There are many more characters who can manipulate time, it’s just that I’ve mentioned all those that I’ve seen do it.
7. Guldo

Guldo was a member of Ginyu Force that appeared at Planet Namek. He had the unique ability to stop time whenever he held his breath. Although he faced an early death, he could’ve become especially strong had he not been to cocky.

6. Amber
Amber from Darker than Black is one of the most OP characters on the list. She possesses the power to stop time, rewind time, jump in the future, and more. Everytime she does this, she ends up aging backwards, and that is the only side effect of her ability.

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