Tokyo Ghoul To Replace One Piece On Toonami


Toonami, which began airing One Piece from May 2013 has decide to replace it with Tokyo Ghoul. This was announced by Toonami on Friday that it will be replacing One Piece from march 25th on-wards and is all set to air Tokyo Ghoul from the same day.

The reason for why One Piece will is being replaced is probably due to the ratings. When One Piece aired on Toonami in 2013 from episode 207 it had gathered mass viewers and successfully attracted 1 million fans since then. But over years the show has received low rating and the fan base is declining so to recuperate from this they decided to air Tokyo Ghoul in its place.

This news is certainly a look out for One Piece fans but ahoy!! this doesn’t change anything, right? Comment below your opinions and I will see you in my next article.

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