Uzumaki Clan Backstory


We’ve gotten CONSTANT information and backstory and episodes about the Uchiha Clan, and even some episodes regarding the Hyuuga Clan and their backstory and how the Clan works. However, we’ve gotten little to barely any information about the Uzumaki Clan. Sure there have been a few episodes that peek and give us a little info here and there to remind us that the Clan was powerful, but we haven’t had an entire episode discussing the backstory and how the Clan started. Here’s what we know about the Uzumaki Clan:

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  • Most powerful Clan in the world that was feared
  • Other Nations teamed up to execute the Clan because they were too powerful
  • Clan specializes in Sealing Jutsus
  • Clan possesses strong virtue and life energy
  • Clan members posses Red Hair dominance
  • Clan were descendants of Asura Otsustuki and close friends with the Senju Clan


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