Boruto Will Awaken the Tenseigan! – Fan Theory


Naruto Shippuden is nearing its end, and we’re getting a new anime based on the next generation of Naruto. The manga for the anime has already been going on for quite a while now. There have been loads of surprises, from Naruto’s apparent death, to Boruto’s Byakugan. The Hidden Leaf Village is already in danger of being completely wiped out again, this time at the hands of a young boy named Kawaki.

But we see Boruto prepared to fight him, with his cursed seal, and a new Byakugan.
Now I’m sure that Boruto’s Byakugan will definitely be different from the rest, but the main question is, will he be able to defeat enemies like Madara and Kaguya with just a Byakugan? My bet is on no. To achieve that, Boruto needs a great power-up.
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