10 Fastest Human Anime Characters


As a anime fan whose OC revolves around the element of speed, as well as having gone to the trouble of studying the law of relativity to make sense of it, I think it’s safe to say that my favourite super-power is speed. So here, in no particular order, one per series rule, is the top 10 fastest human anime characters! (only be human)

One Punch Man
one punch man anime featLet’s get the obvious ones out of the way first. From the hugely popular One Punch Man comes potentially the fastest human to have ever existed. Seriously. From the moon to the earth. In less than a minute.
Makes you wonder why he was in such a hurry to get to the shopping mall in that one episode, doesn’t it?
Now, as I am writing this when I should be writing my case notes, I have access to a vast library. Therefore, for all our benefits, I am going to calculate to the best of my ability just how fast Saitama moves.
So, according to the chap on my right, who studies physics, or at least claims to, earth is 250,000 miles away from the moon. Light travels at, according to this encyclopedia on space I “borrowed” from the library, 186,000 miles a second. Which means that light travelling from the moon to the earth takes just a bit under 1.5 seconds to hit the earth.
Saitama, as accurately as I counted from the anime, took 9 seconds to reach earth.
If we divide 186,000 miles a second by six, we reach the speed it would take for something moving from the moon to the earth in approximately 9 seconds (1.5 times 6 equals 9).
31,000 miles a second.

Minato Namikaze
If you’re called “The Yellow Flash”, you should have two things. The first, a dangerously inflated ego. The second, title to the fastest Shinobi in the known world. I was hesitant at first because as much as I know about Minato, his speed works on teleportation Jutsu, so is it really his own speed?
Of course it is, he’s the one doing it. So Minato’s blinding speed earns him the right to call himself such a pompous nickname. And his displays of speed are rather commonplace, too. The battle against…alright, I think we all know who Tobi is by now so I’ll say it without worries of anyone complaining about spoilers. The speed he uses against Obito in their battle boggles the mind, along with his reaction times having adjusted to match that same mind boggling speed. And, to further heighten his claim against other Shinobi such as eight gates users like Guy and Lee, Minato’s body can actually handle the speed he undergoes. I think he’s the fastest Shinobi myself, but I know there are lots of arguments about that, so please, don’t hate.

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