Uzumaki Naruto’s Inheritance

   Naruto’s Inheritance

Well I am back with a new article and this time it’s a Fan Theory, a prediction that every Naruto fan is speculating and guessing. Its “Whether Boruto will Inherit Naruto’s Power?”. Below is my view and readers are free to comment and suggest after reading the article.

Boruto in appearance looks exactly like Naruto but in terms of strength and intellect he is far superior than Naruto (when he was at Boruto’s age). Also, Boruto has shown great potent of surpassing his dad, Naruto. Well some may say Boruto can’t surpass Naruto, though they might have ignored Boruto’s strength ability to Change the Nature of Chakra at such young age and take Rasengan to next level.

By defeating character strong as Momoshiki, he has proved that he is no ordinary ninja, even he doesn’t have Sage of Six Path’s Chakra.

Enough of introduction, let’s get started with the actual discussion.

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