Jiraiya Sensei Is Still Alive?


Let’s rewind back to the episode when The Fourth Shinobi World War was about to start and Kabuto was joining hands with Obito. He tells that he will not be able to reanimate Jiraiya because his body was at the bottom of the ocean and he couldn’t retrieve his DNA.

Here’s the thing. For being able to revive someone the Jutsu caster needs only the DNA of that person. Madara could be reanimated like , 16 years after his natural death.So , if he could be reanimated after 16 years why can’t Jiraiya be reanimated after what ? Some months or weeks ?

The next thing to pay attention is that Nagato said that “There is still time to save those he killed when he came to Konoha.” Jiraiya was killed not too long prior to his attack on the village.

Jiraiya is still alive

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